SWVL Rivalry Week – Nov. 14-20
Because everybody loves a little healthy competition.
Earn points for your school. You can complete these challenges for 50 points each at any time during #SWVLRivalryWeek.

Southern West Virginia Lifestyles, or SWVL (pronounced swivel), is a campaign that aims to kickoff your healthy lifestyle by giving you simple changes to your daily routine that can make a big difference. After all, healthy looks good on everyBODY!

Rivalry Week is your chance to win bragging rights, prizes and maybe even a field day with a giant inflatable bouncy house just for making healthy choices!

Rivalry Week.
Starting on November 16, SWVL will be hosting a week-long competition between rival high schools in Logan, Mingo and Wyoming County. Students compete by completing challenges posted @SWVLProject on Twitter, then posting a picture or video with their school hashtag. The school with the most points in total will win a field day full of games, food and prizes. Learn more.

Get Fit.

Looking for inspiration?  Check out Ryan Cox’s story and find out how easy it is to be healthier by making a few simple changes in your life. Ryan was born and raised in West Virginia and has lost 190 pounds over the past 5 years.  He sat down with the SWVL team to tell his story & the simple steps he took to make a healthier change in his life.  He continues to strive for progress, not perfection, and explains 3 simple steps to begin that progress yourself.

Eat Healthy.
A healthy diet is essential for being physically fit. Without a proper diet, exercise is meaningless. Diet changes can be troublesome, so that’s why SWVL encourages you to make smaller, yet easy changes to eating habits. As well as healthy alternatives at restaurants! For example, replacing mayonnaise with ketchup. Little changes can make a big difference! Learn more here.