10 Tips To Get You Off Your Couch And Into The Gym

  1. Put on your workout clothes.


  1. Write down how you feel after each workout.9562567eb040f2e96f2589a32ebe185a27eba2c8ba452fcc4cd70a53ead8e8af
  1. Sign up for classes at the local gym/YMCA/rec center.
  1. Create short and long-term challenges for yourself.Memes-Challenge-Accepted
  1. Create a playlist songs that pump you up.


  1. Make whatever you do to exercise your favorite thing to do.tumblr_m3mdvxyr6s1ruo1qoo1_500
  1. Vow to never be the last to cross the finish line.


  1. Make it an enjoyable workout for you and your friend to do together.
  2. Track your success in a calendar.


10. Keep your eye on the prize and tell yourself, “Don’t Quit. Get Fit.”


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