7 Tips To Help Jumpstart A Healthy Life

  1. Planks on planks on planks! Start by planking for 30 seconds and add 5 seconds each week. Get your dream six pack by doing planks. 


2. It’s no secret that walking is good for you! Try to get in 30 minutes a day. 


3. Try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. It can help prevent diseases, like cardiovascular disease, depression and diabetes.

4. Don’t be so salty! Eat less salt. Extra salt can cause a spike in your blood pressure, especially those who already have high blood pressure in their families.


5. Start your day off right by eating a healthy breakfast! Breakfast gets your metabolism going and gives your brain a boost of energy. 


 6. Become a morning person. Wait, who are we kidding… but seriously, try and wake up a half hour earlier every day.  


7. Workout three days a week for thirty minutes! It may seem like a lot at first but your body will thank you later for it.


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