Fast Fixes for A Healthy Body

After sitting in class all day, after school activities, homework and getting sucked into social media, it can be hard to find time to exercise, or even eat healthy. But adjusting to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be so hard! Here are five quick and easy ways to incorporate some healthy habits into your everyday life.

  1. Befriend the microwave– Even though the microwave has a bad rep, it can actually be a big help when we’re crunched for time. Plus, there are a bunch of quick and healthy meals you can make at any time of the day, and many with only three ingredients! From bacon and French toast for breakfast, to chick fajitas for lunch or dinner, here are a few recipes you can try out.
  2. Try soups and stews- Not only a great way to stay warm on those chilly days, but with a never ending combination of ingredients and quick fix time, you can make it ahead of time, freeze it and then have a great snack throughout the week anytime you want. You can freeze the soup in individual servings, then when you’re ready, just pop it in the microwave.
  3. Spice things up- Spicy food speeds up your metabolism. So next time you want some added flavor, try some hot sauce or a spicy mustard. If you would rather have something more of a kick try jalapenos or hot peppers.
  4. Eat veggies, with everything– Whether you don’t know how to eat more veggies, or you just don’t like them, an easy way to get at least the recommended amount is to simply add it to almost everything you eat. Instead of just eating scrambled eggs, make a veggie omelet, that apple you’re going to eat someday, add it to your oatmeal. Adding it as an ingredient to something you’re already going to eat not only makes it taste better, but kills two birds with one stone.
  5. Keep a stash of snacks- Even though it is better for you to eat solid meals and not snack all day, for most of us that’s hard to do. So, instead of grabbing a hamburger or fast food, you can make your own snacks and take them with you. Many of these snacks also take only three ingredients and most of them you probably already have.

Snack Attack Saves

Let’s face it, we all have stress. Whether it comes from school, or personal problems, we all deal with our levels of stress in our own ways. For those of us who use food to handle our stress, or even eat just because we’re bored, here are five easy, tasty and healthy snacks to make. The great thing about these, is most of these can be made with what we already have at hand, or for less than ten dollars. That’s the same as getting a meal at your local fast food place, only this will last you longer than just one day and still taste just as good.

Here are five healthy and easy snacks everyone can keep on hand!

  1. Trail Mix- This is a classic snack and can be made with virtually anything. It’s easy to make, you can make a lot at one time and eat it anywhere, use this recipe or mix some of your favorite healthy things together like sunflower seeds, almonds instead of walnuts, or white chocolate chips if you don’t like chocolate. This recipe calls for:
  • 1 oz walnuts
  • 1 Tbsp dried cranberries or raisins
  • 1 Tbsp dark chocolate chips.


  1. Flavored Water- One of the easiest and cheapest things to make is flavored water. It’s simply a jug, or bottles of water with added fruits or vegetables. Since we often mistake dehydration for hunger, this is a great way to curb the cravings and get your daily needed amount of H2O. Here are some suggestions to get you started!
  • Lemons
  • Cucumbers
  • Strawberries
  • Pineapples
  1. Open PB&J- If you’re a fan of peanut butter and jelly, you’ll enjoy taking it to the next level. Start with one slice whole-wheat toast add one tablespoon peanut butter, half a banana and some honey.   This tasty snack takes about five minutes to make.
  2. Mini Parfait-   Calcium, protein, and a serving of fruits all in one place! Just grab some fruit, granola or nuts and yogurt. Mix it together and you have a quick and easy parfait. Use plain yogurt, or mix it with your favorite flavor.
  3. Veggies and dip- Another classic, combine your favorite veggies with dips such as low-fat ranch, guacamole, hummus, the choices are almost unlimited. Or take them with you and just eat them plain. You can eat them anytime, anywhere and the best thing is, they aren’t too messy.

Let the Rivalry Begin

Looking to gain extra points for your school?
There are a couple of different ways to earn your school more points to increase your chance of winning the Grand Prize and becoming SWVL Rivalry Week Champions. The following tasks are available for students to engage in all week at any time:

  • #Hunt4SWVL
    • Hunters, show us your healthy hunting habits, favorite wild game recipes or other creative ways you stay healthy while on the hunt
    • Post your pictures, videos and recipes on Twitter using #Hunt4SWVL and your school hashtag
    • All relevant posts will receive 50 points

Note*: Students don’t have to wait for SWVL Rivalry Week to complete this task. Go out and get a head start the weekend before to get your school ahead of the game.

  • #SWVLapp
    • What’s your favorite free health app?  Whether it is Map My Run, Fiststar, Endomondo or another great mobile tool, we want to hear how you track your progress.
    • Take a screen shot of the app at the end of your workout and tell us why you love the app with #SWVLapp and your school hashtag
    • All relevant posts will receive 50 points
  • #HealthySelfie
    • Take a selfie of yourself making a healthy choice
    • Post your selfie to Twitter using #HealthySelfie and your school hashtag
    • All relevant posts will receive 50 points
  • #SWVLchoice
    • Record a short video of you making a healthy choice. Explain the choice in your video. Some ideas to get you started: healthy alternatives for snacks, healthy decision at your favorite restaurant, healthy breakfast choice, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, playing catch with your younger sibling.
    • Post your video to Twitter with #SWVLchoice and your school hashtag
    • All relevant posts will receive 50 points

Good luck, and let the healthiest school win!

Swaps at Restaurants

  • Replace soda with water or tea. All the sugar in soda can accumulate in body fat. The catechin in tea triggers the release of fat from fat cells.
  • Have a salad for an appetizer. Many appetizers in the food industry are high in fat such as buffalo wings, potato skins, etc. Eating a salad can cut calories.
  • Choose a healthy side alternative. Replace unhealthy sides such as fries and mashed potatoes with steamed vegetables and rice. Starchy foods can lead to weight gain. Replace french fries with sweet potato fries.