Get Fit

No time to go to the gym? No money on your workout? Don’t worry! Try these fun free fitness tips to start toning and trimming your body. Skip that second helping at dinner, and help yourself to great quick workout.

Get Started with Fun Fitness Apps
There are thousands of apps on our phones that are capable of doing almost anything. There are also apps that help monitor your exercise, and they’re free! Here are a few we like.

Endomondo: A personal trainer in your pocket, this app tracks your runs and other outside activities with accuracy and an interface. It can track distance, calories burned, heart rate and much more!

Fitstar: Be more active wherever you are with Fitstar. This fun app is designed to get you more active in the comfort of your own home. It offers basic workouts and time for each. No equipment is required!

Or, Try These At Home Workouts
All exercises are to be performed as a massive superset. Rest 3 minutes, then repeat.

Amazing Upper Body Work Out: Try these four fast, easy exercises you can do any body to build upper body strength, tone your arms and get ready to look great this summer.

Ultimate Ab Workout: Looking for ripped abs? We’ve got the workout for you.  In just a few minutes every day, you can make your waistline smaller and build that core strength everyone keeps talking about.

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